The Winemakers Studio is an artisanal winemaking cooperative dedicated to producing fine wine in small lots, sharing our love of wine and winery education at our fun, urban winery.

Our goal is to share with our friends and neighbors, aspects of wine and wineries they will not get at other locations. Like access to grape juice in its cycles of becoming fine wine, sensory classes, hands-on winemaking from crush to bottling, plus fun stuff like foreign movie nights and private barrel tastings. We are about local community, with our desire to bring something special to you.

Currently the WMS (Winemakers Studio) enjoys the company of three commercial wineries:  

Stomani Cellars

Riley-Sexton Wines, and 

Genoa Cellars. 

We firmly believe that the co-operative nature of the WMS brings a unique and inviting experience to our friends and customers. If you are interested in participating in winery activities such as bottling, harvest, cellar work etc. Please send and email to us.


1403 Dexter Avenue North

Seattle Washington 98109 USA

Phone: 206-340-6137

We are proud members of the Seattle Urban Winery group.




Italian Style Wines; click the picture to uncover more about Stomani Cellars.